I was in Washington for the weekend, and a big storm hit the city on Saturday. The area I was staying in had a power cut all evening and I lost computer access. (Talk about withdrawal! Twitching like a meth addict...)

Happily, we're back online today. I've done some more pottering with the CSS behind the scenes and I'm starting to like the new look of the site. Alas, my graphics software is all at home so I can't add some of the new things I want to until I get back, but for interest's sake, I thought I would show the difference between the two banners I designed in GIMP and in Inkscape:

GIMP (left) versus Inkscape (right)

They both took about the same amount of time to create. The GIMP one was done using the bezier tool and shading with the gradient button. The Inkscape was just a hand-drawn vector. What I prefer about the Inkscape was that in the scaling down of both the image and the banner text, the edges stayed sharper and clearer. I know it's not so obvious because the above image has been converted to a raster file, but I think you can still make out the difference.

And as you can see from the favicon in the address bar, I again used the vector (.svg) file because it pixellated oh-so-much less than the GIMP one did. :) I love the GIMP and use it daily, but I thought this was a good example of when Inkscape wins hands down. Get Inkscape here.